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About Equity

About Equity

Who we are

Do you remember it? That moment. When learning clicked into place, and suddenly you understood the concept. Perhaps it was that first trip away from home, walking through the trenches or calculating the angle and speed of the rollercoaster that did it.

We’ve been creating that moment for young people for over 80 years, with memorable, life-changing trips, specially geared around learning.

Equity is part of Inspiring Learning, the UK’s most experienced provider of learning outside the classroom. Each year over 250,000 students have an Inspiring Learning experience, encouraging them to learn in fresh and innovative ways. We believe that learning outside the classroom is an essential part of education, and we know you do too. We know that no two trips are the same, which is why we have different teams, specialising in different types of experiences.

Our trips are carefully designed to bring your teaching to life. And you’ll be amazed where the journey can take you.

Find out more about where you could be teaching this year...


...or inspire yourself with our great destinations!



What makes Equity trips so different?

We’ve got the experience

Simply put, we’ve been inspiring learning longer than anyone else. From local contacts to health and safety issues, our 80 years in the business gives us a huge advantage. This means we can help you with whatever you are looking for, let us know, and we’ll put together something unique. We make it look easy, too.

We think differently

We aren’t predictable. We aren’t dry. We are never boring. Wonder why? It’s because we absolutely love what we do. And when you’re passionate about a subject, it always shows, letting us provide you with wonderfully unique adventures.

We develop

Of course, our trips are always a lot of fun. But they’re also about learning, which means everyday part of your trip ties back to the curriculum in some way. We’re absolutely committed to insuring this. Just don’t tell the students.


The Price We Quote

The price quoted for your trip is based on the expected number of paying participants at the time of booking. If take-up numbers fall below the minimum requirement, the price of your trip may increase and the ratio of free places change.

The cost of your trip includes the airfares at today's prices, including taxes. However, as budget airline prices fluctuate on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee the trip price until full payment is made and we can submit a complete list of travellers names to the airline.

What Could Affect Your Quoted Tour Price?

Often the major component of any tour will be what we buy overseas (accommodation, transfers, meals, excursions) and any change in currency exchange rates can have an enormous impact on the price due to things such as fuel surcharges and taxes.

Baggage Allowance on Low Cost airlines

In your tour price we usually include the cost of 1 checked in luggage item per person, if this has not been included it will be set out as a separate item. Please check your quotation carefully. Any additional luggage is charged by the airline at check in.


Financial Protection

The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 state that we must provide security for the money that you have paid for school trips booked with us. We do this through a bond held by the Civil Aviation Authority under ATOL number 2680. We are also a member of ABTA, number V5376.

ATOL Protection

ATOL Protection relates to all arrangements you have made with us, including flights. In the unlikely event of us going bankrupt, the CAA will ensure that any money paid in advance of a trip is refunded, or that you are not stranded abroad. It's however important to note that the ATOL protection scheme is only applicable to arrangements, including flights, arranged by us where the person who pays for the booking is in the UK when the booking is made, or when the first of any flights included in a trip we arrange for you starts in the UK. To find out more, visit the ATOL website at www.atol.org.uk. Our flight inclusive arrangement costs include a £2.50 charge per person as part of the ATOL protection contribution (APC) which we pay to the CAA. The charge is included in our advertised prices.

ABTA Protection

In addition, we are a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA number V5376). If your trip does not include flights, you are protected by ABTA in the same way. If you pay for your trip with an operator who does not have a bond with ABTA, your students are at financial risk and might have to pay for their own repatriation.

Read about our health & safety bonding >>


Environmental Policy

We believe that when the experience of travel is delivered in the right way it offers an optimal learning environment of immense educational value, giving rise to a memorable life experience and helping with the personal and holistic development of a young adult. However, we acknowledge tourism’s impacts on the worldwide and local environment and communities, which can be both positive and negative. In response, we endeavour to take every reasonable step towards becoming the leading sustainable provider in school travel, considering environmental, economic and social issues across the breadth of our operation; from our UK office, to our UK and overseas suppliers, and our managed overseas ClubHotel and Chateau programmes. This document sets out our current working practices and our improvement objectives to achieve sustainable operations and working practices, as defined by the World Commission on Environment & Development Brundtland Report as:

‘Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’

Read our environmental policy >>


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