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Benefits of a School Trip

Benefits of a school trip

School trips and educational visits should be viewed as powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all students (and teachers!). For both pupils and staff, participating in a school trip abroad not only allows them to have a fabulous and unique time during their trip, but they can also benefit from many other advantages for weeks, indeed months, after their return to "normal life".

Students on a school trip

For Students

  • Cultural differences
    Travelling will enhance cultural awareness and understanding of values, beliefs, and perceptions
  • Increased motivation for a subject
    60% of secondary students felt they had a better understanding of what they were trying to learn
  • Personal development
    Development of - independence, confidence, self-esteem, personal effectiveness, coping strategies
  • Improved knowledge and understanding
    "I probably did more hours of work in that one week than I did in the whole term, I just had so much inspiration from it.” Year 10 student
  • Enhanced Relationships
    65% of secondary students said their teachers had a better understanding of how they liked to learn, 84% of secondary students said that because of the school trip, they get on better with the other pupils in the class.
Teachers on a school trip

For Teachers

  • Teacher student rapport
    86% of secondary students said they get on better with their teachers after a school trip
  • Widening and developing pedagogical skills.
    “My teaching is much more kinaesthetic, more practical, more moving around, it’s trusting the kids a little bit more"
  • Informal learning environment:
    Illustrate and enhance classroom work.
  • Professional development:
    Identifying staff strengths and particular skills that may not have been evident within the school or classroom environment, and building on these during and after the trips.
  • Staff relationships:
    - Professionally, teachers and TAs talked about collaborating more often with the staff they had got to know whilst on the trips, for example planning joint activities both within and across schools, team teaching, and planning student learning across subjects more effectively.
Benefits to schools

For Schools

  • Adds to school and departments prestige
    Creates an attractive learning opportunity for prospective pupils.
  • Developing successful learners:
    “Children within the school are more thoughtful and are more accepting of others' limitations. Older children are becoming mentors to the younger children. The school as a whole is beginning to gel more as a community.”
  • Improved engagement and confidence
    When residential experiences are integrated with the curriculum, are inclusive, progressive, and involve staff and students in planning and following up, the sense of cohesion and of belonging to a community is enhanced throughout the whole school.
  • Raise aspirations
    School leaders report improved school-wide punctuality, enhanced collaboration in the playground, student leadership of school classes, clubs, and events, raised aspirations of students and staff, new teaching and learning strategies, and changed attitudes of parents to school.


Source : Learning Away and School travel forum


School trips with Equity

Founded in 1933, Equity is passionate and committed to creating life-changing learning experiences for young people. Covering a range of curriculum subjects, ski trips, activities, and sports tours, Equity's aim is to broaden students’ horizons; to help develop an active interest in their subject, while learning about other cultures and discovering new places. We are here to support you from your very first enquiry to your return back home and our passion and enthusiasm will deliver the most unforgettable and expertly organised trip which makes us really stand out from the crowd.

How school trips improve mental wellbeing

For many, the opportunity to get out of the classroom and engage in new experiences with like-minded people has a hugely positive effect on their mental wellbeing. At a time when NHS data shows that one in six young people (aged 5-16) are thought to be suffering from a probable mental disorder, an all-time high, and coupled with the recent negative impact of the Coronavirus, it's more important than ever to actively invest in positive mental activities and experiences. Fortunately, research has shown that school trips can play an important role in boosting young people's well-being. Whether it's through immersive learning, the development of interpersonal skills, pushing students out of their comfort zones, or simply engaging the students in nature, history or physical exercise, these factors all play a part in providing a much-needed mental boost for young people. 

How school trips benefit students - a student's perspective

As mentioned, creating life-changing learning experiences for students is our main aim, but what do young people think about school trips? Read what A-level student, Callum thinks about the benefits of school trips here.

Getting the best value

At Equity, we create bespoke itineraries for party leaders based on their learning outcomes and individual requirements, therefore trip prices vary.

Your local Travel Advisor has access to all of the latest availability, prices, and special offers and will be able to give you a realistic price tailored for you and your group. Simply fill out the form below to get some more information about a school trip.