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School Trips To France

School Trips to France

School Trips To France

Over 150 school groups chose Equity for their educational trip to France last year.

School trips to France are one of the most popular and cost-effective options outside of the UK for Equity groups. Practically on our doorstep, France offers an extensive list of attractions that can be enjoyed all year-round. Whether you want to take to the slopes in the winter months or bask in the summer sun in Strasbourg, we’ll ensure you have an unforgettable trip!   

France is often the forerunner for a French Language trip, but we can also provide a variety of subject specific tours including Art & Design, Business Studies, Dance, History, Maths, Music and even Science! Another option to consider is we can offer cross-curricular tours, which provide an excellent way for combining different subject areas, maximising on learning outcomes.

With an endless selection of attractions, longer than the iconic Champs-Elyees, it’s no surprise Paris is one of our most popular destinations for school tours. Paris offers a wealth of excursions including the opulent Palace of Versailles, Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck and the Eiffel Tower. Paris is ideal for all subjects, but is a favoured option for Art and Design students because of its many world-class museums and art galleries such as The Louvre and Centre Pompidou.

Site of the D-Day Landings, Normandy is an ideal location for Key Stage 3 students, as students can learn about the defining moments of WW2 on the beaches of Juno, Omaha and Gold or learn more about the Norman Conquest by William the Conqueror at Bayeux Cathedral and the Bayeux Tapestry Museum.

Located in Northern France, the Opal Coast is a popular option for primary school groups due to its close proximity to the UK and easy access from the Port of Dover. Pupils can visit a local French bakery and watch traditional baguette making or taste chocolate at an authentic chocolaterie.

Take a look at our recommended destinations for schools trips to France.

If there is a French destination you’re particularly interested in and can’t see it listed, please contact us and we can provide a quote for you. We can also tailor our tour itineraries to meet your specific needs.