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Bay of Naples & Sorrento
Basic price from
4 nights accom. & travel  for 40 students and 4 staff

Classics school trips to Bay of Naples & Sorrento

Classics school trips to Bay of Naples & Sorrento

A Classics trip to the Bay of Naples and Sorrento will give students a distinctive insight into Roman daily life. Nearly two thousand years ago a large area of the Bay of Naples was swept away by the eruption of Vesuvius. Evidence left in the volcanic debris of Pompeii and Herculaneum tells compelling stories of life before the catastrophe. A visit to the extensive evocative ruins of in this region offers students an invaluable opportunity to uncover this catastrophe and explore the homes of the rich and poor, stepping into former bakeries, bars and Roman fast food stores. Students can examine aspects of town planning, architectural style and decorative art. If time permits enjoy a trip to the island of Capri to walk up to Emperor Tiberius’s stunningly located Villa. The Bay of Naples and Sorrento are both central points to different ruins and excursions of the Neapolitan Riviera making this a great choice for a Classics school trip.


Suggested Itineraries


      • day


        • Travel from UK to Naples
        • Remainder of the day at leisure
      • day

        Roman daily life

        • Guided morning visit to Herculaneum
        • Afternoon visit to Mt Vesuvius
      • day

        Roman architecture

        • Guided visits to Pompeii and Villa Oplontis
      • day

        Roman daily life

        • Visit the Archaeological Museum in Naples
        • Return to the UK


Itinerary price from: £469

Price details

Priced based on:

  • 4 day tour for 40 students and 4 staff

Price includes:

  • Return flights
  • Return transfers
  • 3 nights’ accommodation
  • Standard insurance
  • Entrance to excursions based on above itinerary


Case Studies

KEY TOPIC: Roman daily life (KS3 & GCSE)

Case Studies

Main Case Study Opportunities

      • Pompeii
      • Herculaneum
      • Archaeological museum

KEY TOPIC: Roman society and thought, architecture and town planning (A-Level)

Main Case Study Opportunities

Case Studies

      • Pompeii
      • Herculaneum


Curriculum Links


Italy Accommodation - Hotel Il Faro

Hotel Il Faro

  • Central location
  • Wi-Fi available

Positioned in the heart of the Sorrento peninsula, this welcoming hotel is a great choice for school groups offering en-suite accommodation.

Location: Walking distance to the main centre of town and the picturesque harbour.

Facilities: Air-conditioning, TV room, fax service, safe in the lobby and Wi-Fi.

Accommodation: 50 rooms with private bathrooms and high standard amenities.

Meals: Continental breakfast and dinner available.

Quick Tip: This is just a small sample of possible accommodations available. Please contact us for more information.

Subject Specific Excursions


One of the world’s most striking archaeological sites, this ancient city was buried in 79 AD, following a series of eruptions by nearby Mount Vesuvius. Study the UNESCO-listed excavations, where you’ll find fossils, well-preserved ruins and the remnants of ancient lava flows.

Roman Villa of Oplontis

This enormous and partially-excavated villa complex is believed to have belonged to the wife of Nero. Buried in the 79 AD eruptions, it was discovered in the 18th century. Expect extensive gardens, lavish frescoes and more than a hundred rooms.


An ancient Roman settlement that was buried during the same series of eruptions that destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD, Herculaneum was buried deeper than its neighbouring towns, leaving behind some of the best-preserved ruins in the Bay of Naples.

Naples City

An important centre of Greek and Roman culture, Naples is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Visit key sites and explore the ancient streets of the Centro Storico – a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest historic centre in Europe.

Cumae - Greek Colony

Founded in 750 BC, Cumae is thought to have been Italy’s earliest Greek colony. Extensive Greek and Roman ruins tell the story of the settlement’s power and dominance, its incorporation into the Roman Empire and its eventual decline.

Mt Vesuvius

Best known for its eruption in 79AD that left devastating effects on the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and has erupted many times since.


Founded in the 6th century BC, Paestum was a major city of ancient Greece. Abandoned after a series of raids and malaria epidemics, it contains some of the world’s best-preserved Greek temples.

Napoli Sotterranea (Underground Naples)

Above ground, Naples is a vibrant and charismatic city, but little know about what goes on underneath the city. Descend into the atmospheric underground tunnels of Naples and discover a treasure trove of secrets – from the Greek-Roman aqueduct, to the ancient remains of a Roman theatre and WW2 air-raid shelters.

Quick Tip: If you have an excursion in mind which you don't see listed, please get in touch so we can do our best to arrange it for you!

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