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Bay of Naples & Sorrento
Basic price from
4 nights accom. & travel  for 40 students and 4 staff

Geography school trips to Bay of Naples and Sorrento

Geography school trips to Bay of Naples and Sorrento

A compact and beautiful area of dramatic extremes, the Bay of Naples & Sorrento are home to sheer mountains, peaceful coastal plains and sparkling islands, as well as big-city life and traditional villages. Free your students from the confines of the classroom and invite them to learn more about the urban sprawl, deprivation and regeneration of Naples, as well as the success of tourism in Sorrento. An excursion to Vesuvius is a must, and students can climb to the crater to witness ‘The Sleeping Giant’ up close, then descend to Pompeii to explore the potential impacts of a pyroclastic flow. Further south, the stunning Amalfi Coastline showcases spectacular coastal management and engineering, while the island of Capri aims to strike a balance between tourism, heritage preservation and coastal protection. Take a look at the below example itineraries our subject specialists have put together that link directly to learning outcomes for a Geography trip to the Bay of Naples & Sorrento.


Suggested Itinerary


      • day

        Volcanic landforms and processes

        • Travel from UK to Italy
      • day

        Living with volcanoes

        • Visit Mount Vesuvius
        • Travel to Pompeii
      • day

        Coastal landforms and tourism

        • Day trip to Capri island
      • day

        Geomorphology and human activity

        • Day trip to the Amalfi Coast
      • day

        Resource management

        • Explore Sorrento before returning home to the UK


Itinerary price from: £499

Price details

Priced based on:

  • 4 night tour for 40 students and 4 staff

Price includes:

  • Return international flights
  • Return airport transfers by coach
  • 4 nights’ half-board accommodation on a bed-sharing basis
  • Standard insurance
  • Entrance to excursions based on above itinerary


Case Studies

KEY TOPIC: Tectonic Activity Hazards

Case Studies

Main Case Study Opportunities

      • Vesuvius
      • Pompeii
      • Herculaneum

KEY TOPIC: Resource Management: Energy

Main Case Study Opportunities

Case Studies

      • Vesuvius (geothermal)

KEY TOPIC: Coastal landscapes

Main Case Study Opportunities

Case Studies

        • Capri
        • Amalfi Coast

KEY TOPIC: Geomorphology

Main Case Study Opportunities

Case Studies

          • Amalfi Coast


Curriculum Links



Italy Accommodation - Hotel Il Faro

Hotel Il Faro

  • Central location
  • Wi-Fi available

Positioned in the heart of the Sorrento peninsula, this welcoming hotel is a great choice for school groups offering en-suite accommodation.

Location: Walking distance to the main centre of town and the picturesque harbour.

Facilities: Air-conditioning, TV room, fax service, safe in the lobby and Wi-Fi.

Accommodation: 50 rooms with private bathrooms and high standard amenities.

Meals: Continental breakfast and dinner available.

Quick Tip: This is just a small sample of possible accommodations available. Please contact us for more information.

Subject Specific Excursions


Choose a clear day to visit Mount Vesuvius – only 6 miles from Naples – and follow the trail to the top. Be prepared for colder weather at this high altitude!

Amalfi Coast

Take the narrow, winding coastal road for spectacular views of the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.


Visit Pompeii and discover the rich and elegant Roman resort which was buried in an eruption of Vesuvius in AD79. The excavations in this extremely important Roman city epitomize some of the best Roman art. Book a local guide who will bring the city to life and ensure you don’t miss the main areas of interest.


Take a tour of the island of Capri on board its famous mini bus. The minibus will take you from Capri Port to Anacapri before going back down to Capri. This island offers a deeper understanding of coastal erosion.

Napoli Sotterranea (Underground Naples)

Above ground, Naples is a vibrant and charismatic city, but little know about what goes on underneath the city. Descend into the atmospheric underground tunnels of Naples and discover a treasure trove of secrets – from the Greek-Roman aqueduct, to the ancient remains of a Roman theatre and WW2 air-raid shelters.

Quick Tip: If you have an excursion in mind which you don't see listed, please get in touch so we can do our best to arrange it for you!

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