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Basic price from
3 nights accom. & travel  for 40 students and 5 staff

History school trips to Munich

History school trips to Munich

Give your history students an unforgettable experience with our unique school trip to Munich. By visiting sites that played a major role in the development of WWII you can illustrate to your students the rise of several far right political groups, culminating in Adolf Hitler joining the German Workers’ Party and its subsequent transformation into the Nazi Party. Give your group the first-hand experience of the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s summer residence, before giving them an insight into the atmosphere that surrounded Nazi Rallies at Nuremburg. A trip to Dachau Concentration Camp gives your students the ability to pay respects to those who lost their lives here so tragically.

Suggested Itinerary


    • day

      Theme: Nazi Germany and Orientation

      • Arrive in Munich around midday
      • Third Reich Walking Tour
    • day

      Theme: The Holocaust and Hitler

      • Dachau Concentration Camp
      • Jewish Museum
    • day

      Theme: The Nazi Party

      • Dokumentation Obersalzburg
      • Eagle's Nest
    • day


      • Neuschwanstein Castle
      • Afternoon flight home


Itinerary price from £419

Price details

Priced based on:

  • 3 night tour for 35 students and 4 staff

Price includes:

  • Return international flights
  • Return airport transfers by coach
  • 3 nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Standard insurance
  • Entrance to excursions based on above itinerary


Case Study opportunities

Key topics

Growth of the Nazi party

      • Third Reich Walking Tour
      • Dachau Concentration Camp
      • The Eagle's Nest
      • Dokumentation Obersalzburg
      • Jewish Museum

Life in Nazi Germany

      • Third Reich Walking Tour
      • Dachau Concentration Camp
      • The Eagle's Nest
      • Dokumentation Obersalzburg
      • Jewish Museum

Suggested GCSE links

Suggested Education links (For History GCSE from 2016)

AQA GCSE History (8145)

1B Germany, 1890-1945: Democracy and dictatorship

      • Part Two: Germany and the depression
      • Part Three: The experiences of Germans under the Nazis

OCR History A (Explaining the modern world)

Germany 1925-1955: The People and the State (J410/02)

      • The rise and consolidation of the Nazi regime 1925-1934
      • Nazi Germany and its people, 1933-1939
      • War and its legacy 1939-1955

OCR History B (Schools History Project)

Living under Nazi rule, 1933-1945

      • Dictatorship
      • Control and Opposition 1933-1939
      • Changing lives 1933-1939
      • Occupation

Pearson (EDEXCEL) GCSE (9-1) History (1HI0)

Option 31: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-1939

      • Key Topic 2: Hitler’s rise to power, 1919-33
      • Key Topic 3: Nazi control and dictatorship, 1933-39
      • Key Topic 4: Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-39


1G. Germany in transition, 1919-1939

      • End of the Weimar Republic
      • Consolidation of Power
      • Nazi Economic, Social and Racial policy
      • Terror and Persuasion

2B. The Development of Germany 1919-1991

      • Rise of the Nazi party and its consolidation of power between 1933 and 1934
      • Life Under the Nazis
      • Life during the Second World War


Meininger City Hostel

Meininger City Hostel

  • Good value for money
  • Excellent facilities

A centrally located hostel with brilliant facilities for school groups.

Location: Centrally positioned and close to the main railway station.

Facilities: The hostel has a recreation room, meeting room, restaurant, bar, video games, table football, films and karaoke on a big screen.

Accommodation: There are 94 rooms, all en-suite. Students are accommodated in 4- 6 bedded rooms, whilst staff are in twin rooms with TV and telephone.

Quick Tip: This is just a small sample of possible accommodations available. Please contact us for more information.

Subject Specific Excursions

Dachau Concentration Camp

The Memorial Site today commemorates the dead of the Dachau concentration camp with a museum, an archive and a library.

The Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden

Visit the Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden. The Eagles Nest was a 50th birthday present to Adolf Hitler and was saved from destruction after World War II and after 1952 was overseen by the Tourist Office and leased as a mountain restaurant.

Please note that in case of unforeseeable weather like snow, rock fall or strong wind the Eagle's nest can be closed.

Dokumentation Obersalzberg

The Dokumentation Obersalzberg is a place of guided learning and remembrance. It offers the visitor to this historic site the opportunity to study and reflect on the history of Obersalzberg and the history of National Socialism.

The Jewish Museum

Providing an overview of Munich’s Jewish history, with a special focus on the Jewish religion, students will learn about the history of Judaism in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle

One of Europe’s most famous castles, this Romanesque Revival palace is positioned on a hill in southwest Bavaria offering stunning views and a wealth of history.

Quick Tip: If you have an excursion in mind which you don't see listed, please get in touch so we can do our best to arrange it for you!

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