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Washington DC
Basic price from
3 nights accom. & travel  for 40 students and 4 staff

History school trips to Washington DC

History school trips to Washington DC


A five day visit to Washington which focuses on the significance of the American enterprise and achievement as well as its struggles and conflicts. This trip has links with a variety of syllabuses and topics at GCSE level. Students will be able to see first-hand the social and economic impact of the Boom and Bust era as well as considering the impact of the Civil Rights movement and more recent conflicts through a variety of study opportunities.

Suggested Itinerary


    • day


      • Arrive in Washington DC
    • day


      • Capitol Hill
      • Smithsonian museums
      • Air and Space Museum
      • Museum of American History
      • Washington Monument
      • White House
    • day


      • Lincoln Memorial
      • Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial
    • day


      • Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
      • Arlington Cemetery
      • Return flight home


Itinerary price from £719

Price details

Priced based on:

  • 4 night tour for 35 students and 3 staff

Price includes:

  • Return international flights
  • Return airport transfers by coach
  • 4 nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Standard insurance
  • Entrance to excursions based on above itinerary


Case Study opportunities

Key topics

1920s Boom and Bust

      • American History Museum
      • Air and Space Museum, Supreme Court
      • White House

Civil Rights

      • National Museum of African American history and culture
      • Anacostia Community Museum, Martin Luther King Memorial
      • Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Cold war and conflict after WWII

      • Newseum
      • Capitol Hill
      • Arlington National Cemetery

Native Americans and the West

      • American Indian Museum

The American Civil War

      • Williamsburg
      • Gettysburg

Suggested GCSE links


America 1840-1895 Expansion and Consolidation

      • Expansion - Opportunities and Challenge
      • Conflict across America
      • Consolidation - Forging the Nation

America 1920-1973 - Opportunity and Inequality

      • America people and the Boom
      • Bust - Depression and the New Deal
      • America's post war society

Conflict and Tension between East and West 1945-1972 Origins of the Cold War

      • The Development of the Cold War
      • The Transformation of the Cold War

Conflict and Tension in Asia 1950-75

      • Conflict in Korea
      • Escalation of the conflict in Vietnam
      • Ending the conflict in Vietnam

Britain: Migration, Empire and People

      • Looking West


International Relations 1918-c2014

      • The Cold War 1945-1991
      • The World after the Cold War

International Relations 1918-c2014

      • The Cold War 1945-1991
      • The World after the Cold War

The USA 1919-1948: The People and the State

      • The Roaring 20s
      • 1930s and the New Deal
      • The impact of WWI on society

Migration and Empire 1688-1730

      • Empire, Trade and the Slave Economy

The USA 1945-1974

      • Post War Challenges in the USA 1945-1954
      • Civil Rights in the USA 1954-1964
      • Government and Dissent 1964-1974


The Making of America 1789-1900

      • America’s expansion 1789-1838
      • The West 1839-1860
      • The American Civil War and Reconstruction 1861-1877
      • Settlement and Conflict of the Plains
      • American Culture 1877-1900

Pearson (EDEXCEL)

Early Elizabethan England 1558-1588

      • Elizabethan Society and the Age of Exploration

Spain and the New World c1490-c1555

      • Columbus reaches America

British America 1713-1783 Empire and Revolution

      • British Settlement in North America 1713-1741
      • A Disrupted Society 1742-1764
      • Loss of an Empire

The American West c1835-1895

      • Early Settlement of the West 1835-1862
      • Development of the Plains 1862-1876
      • Conflicts and Conquest 1876-1895

Superpower Relations and the Cold War 1941-1991

      • Origins of the Cold War 1941-1958
      • Cold War Crisis 1958-1970
      • End of the Cold War

The USA 1954-1975: Conflict at Home and Abroad

      • Development of the Civil Rights Movement 1954-1960
      • Protest. Progress and Radicalism
      • US involvement in Vietnam
      • Reactions to and the end of US involvement 1964-1975


Voyages of Discovery and Conquest of the Americas

      • Voyages of Columbus

The USA: A Nation of Contrasts 1910-1924

      • Immigration
      • Religion and Race
      • Crime and Corruption
      • Economic Boom
      • End of Prosperity
      • Popular Entertainment
      • Role of Women

The Development of the USA 1929-2000

      • Economic downturn and recovery
      • Economic impact of the WWII and post war developments
      • The issue of Civil Rights 1941-1970
      • Political Change 1960-2000
      • Social Change 1950-2000
      • Cold War Rivalry
      • The search for world peace since 1970


Washington DC Accommodation - Hotel Harrington

Hotel Harrington

  • 10-minute walk from the White House
  • Free Wi-Fi

Hotel Harrington offers a clean and friendly environment and is in a great location within minutes of the main sights in Washington DC.

Location: Located 15 minutes' away from the Smithsonian National Museum.

Facilities: The hotel features a restaurant, bar, snack bar, souvenir shop, mini-market, laundry facilities, air conditioning and heating.

Accommodation: Each room has en-suite facilities including a hairdryer, cable TV and a refrigerator. The range of rooms sleep from 1 ? 6 people with queen and king sized beds, on a bed share basis but non-bed share accommodation can be provided at an extra supplement.

Meals: Hotel Harrington features 3 restaurants including Harriett's diner which provides breakfast at a supplement.

Washington DC - HI - Washington DC

Hostelling International

  • Great value hostel
  • Near popular attractions

The HI (Hostelling International) -Washington DC is a popular hostel offering comfortable accommodation in a friendly, fun environment.

Location: A short walk from the White House and the National Mall, the metro is also a short distance away.

Facilities: The hostel has a TV and common room and internet access is available.

Accommodation: The rooms include air conditioning and shared facilities. They are basic yet comfortable with dorm and private rooms available.

Meals: Continental breakfast is included and the hostel is nearby local restaurants and shops.

Washington DC - Capitol Skyline Hotel

Capitol Skyline Hotel

  • Ideal downtown location
  • Complimentary internet access

The Capitol Skyline Hotel, recently refurbished, is located in the heart of Washington DC offering a comfortable relaxing stay.

Location: Located just a few blocks away from the United States Capitol and the National Mall, easily accessed from the Navy Yard Metro.

Facilities: The hotel features a swimming pool, fitness centre and spa.

Accommodation: Each room has en-suite facilities with two double beds offering a view of either the hotels swimming pool or downtown Washington DC.

Meals: The hotel has restaurant facilities and all meals can be arranged upon request.

Quick Tip: This is just a small sample of possible accommodations available. Please contact us for more information.

Subject Specific Excursions

Capitol Hill

The United States Capitol building is a symbol of the American people and their government as well as the meeting place of the nation’s legislature.

Air and Space Museum

Holding the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world, the National Air and Space Museum is also a centre for research into spaceflight and the science of aviation.

The International Spy Museum

Opening in new premises in 2019, your students can learn about espionage in an exciting and engaging way. The displays showcase the work of famous spies, bringing to life the strategies and techniques of some of the most secretive espionage missions in world history. The International Spy Museum provides unique resources for teachers and pupils that are both inter-and multi-disciplinary.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The newest museum in the Smithsonian Institute has exhibitions that cover subjects such as history, culture and community. Students will gain a greater understanding of American history and the changing definitions of American citizenship, liberty and equality.

National Museum of American History

Originally opened in 1964 as the ‘Museum of History and Technology’, this museum was renamed in 1980 to highlight its focus on the collection and interpretation of artefacts which reflect upon historical culture.

The Lincoln Memorial

This site was notorious for nearly six decades of civil rights demonstrations including Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in 1963. The statue of the iconic President Abraham Lincoln will give your students an insight as to how Lincoln, who was a civil rights activist during the American Civil War, became one of America’s greatest heroes.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin D Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States (1933 – 1945) and was the only American president elected to more than two terms making him still the longest serving president in US history.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

This memorial opened in 2011 to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech delivered in 1963 that will continue to touch the hearts and minds of American people for years to come.

Howard University

Howard University is a historically black university because of its central role in African American educational experience, with the greatest number of black graduates with advanced degrees.

Arlington National Cemetery

A 624 acre military cemetery, Arlington is the final resting place of notable deceased veterans. The grounds are home to a number of memorials.

Quick Tip: If you have an excursion in mind which you don't see listed, please get in touch so we can do our best to arrange it for you!

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